Food For Homeless Dogs


Giving food to homeless dogs is an easy way to help animals in need. The first step is to get involved with rescue groups. Some will provide free food, but others will need your help. Make sure you know where to feed dogs and stay consistent with your feeding schedule. Rescue groups will help you keep up with the feeding schedule so that the dogs won't get used to the new food source. You can click here to know the type og food to donate to animals.
If you have extra pet food, you can donate it to a pet food pantry. These facilities distribute pet food to the homeless and low-income pet owners. You can also donate pet food to food banks and soup kitchens. Once you've collected enough food, you can contact a pet food pantry near you to find out what they need most. This article will help you know the best food for homeless dogs.
The food that you donate will go a long way in helping homeless dogs. Many organizations have food drives to help feed dogs, and many individuals have volunteered to do so. One such event was held by students from Libertyville High School. The students collected pet food to donate to the local animal shelter Save-A-Pet. Marti Gorun, a Libertyville English teacher and volunteer at Save-A-Pet, organized the food drive. With the help of student organizations, they gathered enough food to feed almost 1,000 dogs.
Paul has raised more than $101,000 from his GoFundMe campaign for food for homeless dogs. He uses money from the campaign to purchase quality food and fill the gaps. He says that he gives away between thirty and forty bags of food each week and that each bag costs him about $10. He plans to continue his campaign to help as many dogs as possible. Knowledge is power and so you would like to top up what you have learned in this article at:
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